On Saturday I jumped out of a plane to celebrate my 25th birthday…a gift from my parents. I made a pledge to myself this year that I wouldn’t become complacent with life and would try to new and exhilarating things. So, I decided what better way to kick-off my next quarter century in life than to jump out of a plane.

I’ve not always wanted to go skydiving, but a couple of years ago I got to ride with the Army Golden Knights and since then I have wanted to jump from a plane. It took awhile, but I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity!

Patrick and two of his friends drove over from Alabama and we all headed out to Skydive Georgia. The nerves set in as we got suited up and interviewed, but the excitement of all of it far out-weighed it all. In all, the whole journey was rather exhilarating. I’d definitely jump again if given the opportunity. My fear of heights in is not conquered, but put a parachute on my back and I’ll happily jump out of a perfectly good airplane! 🙂

Have you ever gone skydiving? Or would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?