When M and I first started dating one of the things we talked about was the annual ski trip to Sugar Mountain he takes with his friends. Keep in mind this conversation probably took place in July…so from July to January I was waiting for the possibility of this trip. Well the possibility became a reality, and M invited me to go up with him to ski in the new year! 🙂

Epic Ski Trip 2.0 started on Wednesday morning (New Year’s Day) with M and I getting up early and driving to North Carolina. There were 13 of us going, and we rented a beautiful cabin just outside of Boone. 5 hours of alone time was just what this long-distance couple needed. We arrived in the middle of the pack, sorted out room assignments, and picked a local restaurant for dinner (Mellow Mushroom). After a delicious pizza dinner we headed to the local Wal-Mart to stock up for the week ahead. Back at the house, the boys claimed the basement for a game of pool and the girls sat around the kitchen island sipping on cider, watching the fire, and catching up. It was so good to have some girl time, and to get to know the other girls who are dating/engaged/married to M’s friends. Around 2:00 am we headed off to bed since the next morning we were hitting the slopes.

Sugar Mountain: the tallest peak on the east coast and it has an absolutely breath-taking view! After picking up our gear and lift tickets we were ready for the slopes. Now I thought skiing would come back easily to me, but that was massively false. Note to self: don’t go 5 years between ski trips. We took a green (Lower Flying Mile) run for the first time, and besides being icy I did ok. So, we decided to do a couple of blues to get over to Big Red, everyone’s favorite slope. Well that ended up being a fail…down I went and then pop, I went one way and my knee did not. Stupid knee. There we were second run of the first day, and I tweaked my knee. I found M and we decided to head back to the other greens until I felt more comfortable. He’s the best! So we spent the whole afternoon on Easy Street. I decided for my last run of the afternoon to do a blue, and I only fell twice! After that we headed in for a snack and wait for the slopes to be groomed.

Southern Exhilaration: Epic Skip Trip 2.0


For the night run, the temperatures were dropping and frostbite warnings were going up, but we bundled back up and head towards the blues. After a couple more hours I was done for the night, so I headed back into the lodge to watch kick-off of the Sugar Bowl. Around 10:00 everyone came back to the lodge and we headed out to get the cars…little did we know a snowstorm had blown in and there was already an inch of snow in the parking lot. The temperature was at 18* but felt like -22*! After 2 hours of inching our way back to the cabin we made it…had a quick dinner of soup and grilled cheese and went to bed.

Southern Exhilaration: Epic Skip Trip 2.0
North Carolina Blizzard!

The next morning we woke up with the temperature at 2* but feeling like -24*. Luckily the snow had ceased and there was no wind or it would have been bitter! After breakfast, we made a quick stop at the ski rental place to exchange a pole I had broken the previous day (oops!) and to buy a balaclava for myself…because when I had packed the low was in the 20s not the single digits or negatives. We headed back up the mountain…after a snap foo with both M’s and my ski passes we spent most of the day on Big Red…a seriously fun and fast slope! After the mid-day break the girls headed over to Easy Street for a couple of runs without the boys! After meeting back up with our boys, one of the girls and I decided to do the Load Off and wait for the boys to do Northridge/Switchback. We all met up and started down Upper Flying Mile, which M and I did a couple of times that afternoon. It was our last run of the trip so I was having a good time until ice happened. I went down and skis went flying (first time all trip)! Little did I know that Hannah had gone down too and the boys were going to fetch ski patrol. Luckily she was not so bad she needed to go to the hospital, but she injured her shoulder, knee and thumb. Needles to say the last run of the trip was not successful.

M and I had discussed going out a third day with one of the other couples, but after examining my bruises and knee, we decided to forgo the trip! I was much relieved that morning because sleeping in was just what I needed. We all had a lazy morning around the house watching Star Wars. After lunch we headed to the outlet mall and grabbed a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. M and I headed to bed early cause we had a 5 hour drive back to Marietta then he had another 4 hour drive to Huntsville.

Overall, it was a memorable experience and one I will not soon forget! I’m so glad I got to ski in 2014 with my incredible boyfriend!