For Valentine’s this year, I headed over to Huntsville to spend it with M and it just happened to work out that Valentine’s Day was a Friday and Presidents’ Day was that Monday. Hello three-day weekend! Any chance we can turn a weekend into a three-day weekend, we do it. Who wouldn’t want to spend the more time with their Valentine??

Thanks to Snowmageddon 2.0, we were unsure if we could get the weekend together and then I didn’t find out my time off had been approved for early leave Friday until Thursday morning. Luckily, the snow and ice melted and I was able to make the drive. I got to M’s around 5:30 on Friday, and we tried to figure out what to do for dinner. Mexican and margaritas won the vote, and we headed out to M’s favorite place! It worked out perfectly, because the line wasn’t long and we were able to grab a table and have a leisurely dinner. It may not have been the most organized Valentine’s Day, but my Valentine knows Mexican is the way to my heart! 😉

For Saturday, we decided an adventure was in order. After a delicious french toast breakfast prepared by Chef M, we headed up to Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniel’s distillery. We got to town and grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local pizza/sandwich/ice cream shop. Odd combination, but delicious pizza. We headed to the distillery and grabbed a tour. It was absolutely fascinating learning about the making of Tennessee whiskey, and the history behind it.

Southern Exhilaration: Lynchburg, TNAfter our tour, and learning more about the Tennessee Squire program (my grandfather was one, and it was fun learning all about this association) we headed shopping around cute little Lynchburg. Let me say this, if you have never been I highly recommend going and checking it out.

Southern Exhilaration: Jack Daniel's Distillery | Lynchburg, TN Since we didn’t get do the “traditional” Valentine thing on Valentine’s Day, we decided to do it Saturday night…well so did everyone else in Huntsville. We headed for a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill followed by The Monuments Men. (Sidenote: M and I concluded after watching that movie, that people would have a greater appreciation of art if they realized how close we came to losing it all. I always knew Hitler stole the world’s greatest art, but I never knew how it was returned or found. I wish I had learned that in my World History classes.)

Sunday and Monday were quiet days of naps, playing with Riley, eating, and watching TV.

Overall it was a pretty great weekend! <3