My mother seriously is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She is my rock, my tear drier, my warrior, my hugger, my best friend. She puts up with an awful lot from me, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world! Our family is beyond blessed to have her! Thanks for being so awesome, Mom!

Southern Exhilaration: Mom and Beer


What better way to celebrate mom than to conspire behind her back! My brother doesn’t work on Friday and Saturdays, so he decided to come to town to be apart of the celebrations this weekend and we all managed to keep it a secret (hard to do in our family)! Patrick came in Friday for lunch and surprised my mom, after dad and I got home from work we all had a quiet dinner at home! On Saturday, we headed downtown for a delicious lunch at Flip Burger, and then over to Monday Night Brewing for a SEC Social! Roll Tide! We had a great afternoon drinking beer and catching up with each other and new friends!

After lunch we headed to IKEA to find Patrick a dinning room table, and then home for a pizza dinner! Patrick left shortly after dinner since he has to work on Sundays, so mom dad and I vegged in front of the TV catching up on missed shows. On Sunday, we presented mom with our gifts and then headed out for a day of shopping! Overall it was a pretty great weekend of celebrating Mom!