Today is Memorial Day. The three-day weekend most American spend on the water, grilling out, and celebrating a three-day weekend with their friends and family. It marks the start of summer. Let us not forget, however, the real purpose for this day. A day of remembrance for the service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we might be free. We honor you today, and thank you for your service.


Like most Americans, I, too, spent this weekend in the company of family and friends on the water! On Saturday morning, mom, dad and I headed down to Lake Blackshear in Cordele, Georgia to meet up with the Powell family (minus Ricky). Ever since I can remember, and until life got in the way, my family has been going to the Powell’s lake house to join them and the Tomberlins for a  week at the lake every summer. It is where all six kids learned to ski, tube, drive a boat, and do life on the water.  But I digress.

The Powell trio and Norton trio all arrived around lunch time on Saturday. We all immediately got in our bathing suits, applied our sunscreen, and jumped in the boat. We headed up the Flint river where Carley and I gotten beaten tubed for hours! We always enjoy doing this, and the parents (or any driver for that matter) always tries to throw the rider off. Luckily, Carley and I were able to hold on, and managed to have only one major wipe out and obtained some major air!

Southern Exhilaration: Memorial Day 2014After tubing, we headed in for a quick lunch and then took the boat for a ride around the lake and just enjoyed being in each other’s company and soaking up the south Georgia sun. After a delicious spaghetti dinner, we just chilled on the screened-in porch rocking and catching up on life.

Southern Exhilaration: Memorial Day 2014Sunday morning, we all awoke early (very rare at the lake house) ate a relaxing breakfast and then headed back out on the water for some skiing and knee boarding. Little did we know as we headed back up river, we would meet our new friend Al…the gator. We trolled next to him for a couple of minutes amazed at his size.

 Southern Exhilaration: Memorial Day 2014We then headed back up river and dropped the skis. After Carley took a couple of laps up river, it was my turn at the kneeboard. After Carley and I had our fair share, we cut the motor and took a swim. After getting back in the boat, we took a drive up river and headed back to the house. Our afternoon concluded with another lap around the lake and just exploring all the little coves off the main body of water.

Mom, Dad and I left Sunday evening due to the fact that I have to work today. After I finished up my work day, we headed out for a pizza lunch at our favorite pizza spot and then headed to see the next X-Men movie. We ended our Memorial Day weekend with some Yogli Mogli and The World Wars segment on History Channel

All in all, it was the perfect way to kick off Summer 2014. I can’t wait to see what this next season holds, but I’m sure it will be an adventure no matter what.