Our time in Paris is coming to a close…tomorrow is our last full day in this beautiful city! I have seriously fallen in love with this city, and I can’t wait to come back!

Musée d’Orsay was one of the last items on our list. We decided to hit that up first today. The Musée d’Orsay is housed in a converted train station, so the architecture and the art were beautiful! Due to the ridiculous long line we missed the van Gogh exhibit, so I didn’t get to see Starry Night Over the Rhone. But I did get to see some wonderful pieces. I just love getting to wander around museums and view pieces that I’ve only seen in books or during traveling exhibits! I will gladly embrace I’m a nerd all day long!

After we finished up at the museum, we walked down the street a bit to grab a delicious lunch in one of the many cafés, and then caught the RER back out to Versailles. Upon arriving in Versailles, we stopped at the tourist office to price tickets. As we were standing there someone approached us and asked if we were heading up to the palace. We answered yes, and they gave us their tickets to both the palace and gardens! We were very excited, and we crossed our fingers they would work. After our 2 hour-ish wait we made it into the inner gate!! We grabbed our audio guides and headed inside. Despite the crowds of people we got to learn about the French monarchy and this famous palace. I literally walked around staring up at the ceilings and just walking around with my mouth agape. It was stunning! I couldn’t get over all the intricate details especially on the ceilings! I definitely would be ok with being a royal! 🙂

When we finished up at the palace, we headed out to the gardens to check out Marie-Antoinette’s estate, the Grand Trianon and the Petite Trianon, but unfortunately they were almost closed and we never would have made it in time. Bummer…guess I’ll just have to go back! 😉

After we finished up at Versailles, we decided to head back to the city to grab dinner at one of the restaurants recommended to us. We headed to Restaurant Bouillon Chartier. The restaurant had an old feel to it and kind of reminded me of 1920s clubs. They sat us at a 4-top with 2 other people… We thought it was awkward, and it could have been fun if we were with other English/French speakers. So, we pretty much just talked to each other and enjoyed a delicious dinner and an interesting dessert. It was quite the Parisian experience!

Southern Exhilaration: Restaurant Bouillon Chartier | Paris, France

After dinner it was back to the hotel! Last day in Paris is tomorrow and Monet’s gardens!