For our last day in Paris we headed out to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s house and gardens. We hopped on a train to Vernon, and then took a short bus ride over to Giverny. It was amazing to see the places where this painter lived and worked. To see the Clos Normand and water garden. To see the famous water lilies and bridges. The gardens were beautiful, and I loved the fact they were not groomed in any manner. I’m sure there was structure to the garden (like with color palates…I mean this is an artist’s domain), but by quick glance it looks like organized chaos. It definitely made me wish I have a green thumb, and maybe I’ll try my hand at gardening some day.

After we toured the gardens we grabbed lunch at a cute local restaurant down the street where we grabbed a delicious Quiche Lorraine…even though we are going to be in Lorraine tomorrow. Following lunch we took the long way back to the bus, and we just wandered around Giverny. It’s a charming provincial town that is surrounded by lush farm land. We headed back to Vernon where we grabbed the train back to Paris. When we got back to Paris it was pouring rain, so we decided just to head back to the hotel and grabbed dinner at a nearby Cambodian restaurant. After dinner we packed up our bags, and then I promptly crashed as Matt watch the Argentina v. Netherlands game.

Tomorrow we head back to Metz!