Around the Horn: Favorite Team


Atlanta Braves

That’s right. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves! Chop chop!

I’m a loyal Braves baseball fan! Some seasons are obviously easier to watch than others (am I right?), but I won’t leave the good ol’ Braves!

My love of baseball, any baseball, is something that has grown over the years. I have not always loved baseball, but my love grew out of a deep respect for the sport. To top that off, I have not always been an Atlanta Braves fan. I grew up in a household that cheered for the Yankees. It still does, especially when they play the Red Sox. You see, my dad was raised on Yankee baseball and thus my brother and I were raised on Yankee baseball. I grew up with Derek Jeter on my TV instead of Chipper Jones.

Turner Field, however, is where I learned to fully appreciate the game of baseball. And as my knowledge of the game grew, so too did my love of Braves baseball. It was no longer a boring game, but a past time. Braves baseball was the thing that turned the burning embers of my baseball love into a blaze.

And with that, Happy 50th Birthday, Atlanta Braves! Check out this great video entitled “Season of ‘We'”. I heard it as a radio spot a couple of nights ago, and I just had to share as it is very apropos for this post! Chop chop!

So, now that we got our bases covered with my favorite baseball team, let’s talk World Series! When I saw Jessa and Kasey ask for World Series predictions I slightly balked. I’m terrible at making predictions. Terr.i.ble. But, I’ll take a swing at it. I’m going to go have to say San Francisco Giants. I mean they won in 2010, 2012, 2014…so why not 2015? (PS – I really wanted the Royals to take home the pennant last year.) But I also have this feeling that a random team is going to come out of left field and win it all. (Like all of my baseball puns? 😉 ) We’ll just have to wait and see how the 2015 season shakes out!

Who is your favorite team? What’s your prediction for the 2015 World Series?

Around the Horn with Jessa + Kasey

Well, that’s a wrap! It’s been a fun couple of weeks linking up with Kasey and Jessa for Around the Horn! Let baseball season commence!
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