I have a confession to make. My family has called Atlanta home for 14 years and I have never been to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Well I remedied that problem a couple of weekends back on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

Southern Exhilaration: Atlanta Botanical GardenFor those that don’t know, the Atlanta Botanical Garden consists of 30 acres of blooms and woods in the middle of Midtown Atlanta.

The 30 acres is divided into smaller gardens. There is an orchid center, a rose garden, Southern seasons garden, the Storza Woods (which makes up about half of the Botanical Garden and one of the few remaining mature hardwood forests in the city of Atlanta), and more. Take a look at this map to get a feel of all the different gardens that are available in the heart of Atlanta.

So, without further ado let’s take stroll through the Garden with these shots of pretty flowers!

Great Lawn & Rock Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden | Atlanta, GA

Fuqua Orchid Center

Atlanta Botanical Garden | Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Botanical Garden | Atlanta, GA Atlanta Botanical Garden | Atlanta, GA

Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory

This conservatory focuses on plants that are native to tropical and desert environments.

And there you have it, a small glimpse into one of Atlanta’s gems. Thanks for taking a stroll with me through Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. I’ll leave you with this cutie…

Atlanta Botanical Garden | Atlanta, GA


Have you ever been to the Atlanta Botanical Garden? Does your city have a Botanical Garden?

  • Ahhh so pretty! I haven’t been there yet either and I really wanted to go last year when they were doing all of the Christmas light events there. I’m determined to go this Christmas.

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  • I definitely recommend checking it out! It was so pretty and peaceful! Speaking of lights, they’re about to open a new light exhibit until October, I think, in the Storza Woods!

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