The Day I “Jumped”

Made you look! Kidding. Hope everyone has a great time getting pranked today!

I’m the worst at pranking people. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I don’t have a very good poker face and I always forget it’s April Fool’s until I’ve been pranked. Womp womp. I have gotten a couple of people throughout the years…usually my best friend telling her I have a date with a cute boy. So original, I know!

But one year, I “got” everybody.

Here’s the story.

Tuscaloosa hosts an air show every other year. In 2012, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the media tent and photograph the show. (The perk of one of my friends working for the Mayor.) On Saturday (March 31), during the show, another friend and I wandered around and talked with the different pilots and performers. This included the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights, which is the Army’s demonstration and competition parachute team. Bottom line, my friend and I flirted our way to a free ride on Sunday morning. The rides were for media only, but apparently they had a couple of openings. So once we secured the ride, we thought why not see if they’ll let us jump with them! Some of the guys were on board, BUT they didn’t bring their tandem chutes to town.

Southern Exhilaration: US Army Golden KnightsSo, the prank. I texted everyone, including my brother (who lived in Tuscaloosa too) and my mom, bright and early Sunday morning to tell them I was jumping out of a plane. My brother’s reaction was, “Cool! Let me know when and I’ll come watch!” My mom played it totally cool, but she later told me she was freaking out.

Now you’re probably thinking, how is jumping out of a plane a prank? If you know me, I’m terrified of heights…especially when I feel like I could come tumbling down to the earth and die. So, skydiving was completely out of my element.

Even though I didn’t actually jump that day, I did end up getting to ride in the plane and it was a pretty cool experience. It also fueled my desire to do it myself (shocking, I know!) after seeing firsthand the process of jumping from a plane.