Some of the greatest pieces of Americana are our old movie palaces. The Fabulous Fox Theatre is one such theatre and is the only movie palace left in Atlanta. The Fox Theater opened its doors for the first time on Christmas Day in 1929 to a sold-out crowd, premiering Steamboat Willie. Today the Fox Theatre hosts 250 shows a year.

The Fabulous Fox Theatre | Atlanta, GALet me tell you there is nothing like watching a play, ballet or movie at the Fox Theatre, and that is exactly what a friend and I did on Sunday afternoon. We headed downtown to sing-a-long with The Sound of Music, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The Sound of Music is one of those movies you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. This sing-a-long style took everything up a notch. We sang with Maria, Captain von Trapp, and the children; we hissed at Baroness Schraeder and booed at the Nazis; we popped party poppers when Maria and Captain kissed and cheered when they were wed. It was a lot of fun, and it definitely changed the whole experience of the movie!

What is your favorite Sound of Music song? Have you ever participated in a sing-a-long with one of your favorite movies?

  • Oh how fun! My husband and I went and saw The Blue Man Group at the Fox in May. It’s so gorgeous inside of the theatre. I was just in awe of the interior.

    The Princess Theatre in Decatur, AL is the only other old movie palace I’ve been to. We went there in 2010 during October for an Edgar Allan Poe movie-thon. So much fun!

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  • I just love the Fox. I try to go at least once a year for something. Cinderella is coming this fall, and I really want to go see that!

    I’ve been to the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham several times when we lived there, It’s a lot like the Fox Theater. I didn’t know Decatur has an old movie palace. My grandma lives in Decatur so maybe I can find a show or something to do with her next time I go for a visit.

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  • I love the Sound of Music, my sisters and I used to watch it over and over growing up!

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  • It’s such a good movie. Timeless. It was a lot of fun getting to view it on such a large screen with a lot of other Sound of Music fans! 🙂

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