This past weekend I experienced the sights of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and New York all by way of LEGOs. You are probably wondering how did this happen? Well, I checked out LEGO’s traveling exhibit during a quick trip to Birmingham.

The exhibit, The LEGO® Americana Roadshow: Building Across America, consists of large-scale models of some of America’s well-known landmarks. It was absolutely amazing what these LEGO builders can accomplish with the tiny plastic bricks. This is the perfect activity for kids of all ages to get a mini-history lesson while marveling at these impressive structures, and there is even play areas for our next generation of engineers and architects to tinker.

Jefferson Memorial

LEGO Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

LEGO Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

White House

LEGO White House

LEGO White House

Supreme Court

U.S. Capitol Building

LEGO U.S. Capitol Building

Independence Hall

LEGO Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

LEGO Liberty Bell

Old North Church

LEGO Old North Church

Statue of Liberty

LEGO Statue of Liberty


What do you think? Are you as impressed with these models as I am? How many hours do you think it took to construct each model?


If you are in Birmingham, be sure to stop by Riverchase Galleria before September 7th.

No worries my Atlanta friends, it’s coming to Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta from September 17 to October 4 so mark your calendars!

  • Thank you for posting about this! My autistic little brother is obsessed with Legos and would love this and it happens to be coming to Delaware right after his birthday!! So again, thanks for posting this! 🙂

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  • Jenn, You are very welcome! I just know your brother will love this exhibit. They have a lot hands on activities available as well as miniature cityscapes. I hope y’all have a wonderful time exploring!

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  • These structures are ABSOLUTELY amazing. I always associate legos with little children but this is art, truly.

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  • Right?! My Lego structures never looked like this. Mine were more like the leaning tour of Piza. Haha.

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  • OH. MY. GOODNESS. I’m completely entranced! I can’t honestly even fathom how long it must take to make each one, but they’re amazing, so I think every moment is worth it!

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  • It took HOURS! But so totally worth it! I can’t get over how elaborate they all are, and life like too!

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