A Weekend in New England

First trip of 2016 is in the books, and this one included crossing Massachusetts and New Hampshire off the bucket list! Now if you know anything about me, cold weather and I are not the best of friends. But it’s funny the things you’ll do to spend time with the people you care about, including flying to New England in January. Luckily for me, I picked the one weekend where it was colder in Atlanta than my destination.

I flew up to Boston on Friday night after work, and The Tall Man met me at the airport and then whisked me off for a romantic dinner at Ecco Boston. If you are ever in town, we highly recommend it! Seriously good food, and we thank my friend Keri Ann for the suggestion. After a relaxing dinner, we headed north to The Tall Man’s home. Saturday morning was lazy, which was perfect since it had been a little over a month since The Tall Man and I were able to spend time together in person. The highlights of Saturday included meeting his family, going bowling with a friend, and then a Mexican date night.

Sunday we headed down to Boston! Now, apparently the weather missed the memo that it needed to be sunny and pretty, and instead it ended up being grey and raining sideways. Despite the weather, we still had a great time checking out some of Boston’s sights. Our day of touring started at the Old State House, then we headed to Granary Tavern to have lunch with my cousin and his family. After lunch we followed the Freedom Trail to Old North Church and Paul Revere’s House before heading back to the airport.

It was quick 48 hours, but I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Boston.

And because I’m a terrible blogger, this is the only picture I managed to get during the weekend!

Boston, MA

So I’ll just conclude by asking, what’s your favorite thing to see/do in New England?