Thanks for stopping by, Amanda. It was my first real …

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Thanks for stopping by, Amanda. It was my first real visit to Anniston and I was very surprised. I usually on stop in Anniston for gas on my way to see my brother in Birmingham or go to Tuscaloosa for football. Where in Alabama are you from?

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The Model City {Anniston, AL}
I highly recommend it! It’s a fun city to visit for a weekend trip! And definitely check out Hotel Finial. It is conveniently located to everything, and it has a ton of charm. We loved our visit to Anniston!

The Model City {Anniston, AL}
Thanks for stopping by, Christina. There are so many great cities/towns in Alabama. You’ll have to make another visit! And thank you. 🙂

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Thar She Blows!
The city is adorable (as are most New England coastal towns)! And it was such a great museum!

Yates Cider Mill
Hey Christina! It’s definitely worth visiting. Yates Mill is in Rochester Hills, MI, which is about 40 minutes from Detroit (north on I-75). It was a beautiful area. I am looking forward to my next visit to MI as this was my first time visiting the state.

Yates Cider Mill
That part of the country is beautiful! I’m so glad I was escape for a little bit between work meetings. I am looking forward to my next trip to Michigan.

The People of New York City
The ferry is the best. It definitely gives you a proud American moment when you see Ellis Island and the statue.

Checking In: New York Marriott Downtown
I highly recommend it! I have stayed in downtown before, but I really liked this location. It was less congested and easy to get anywhere via subway.

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