I have never seen one of those! That looks like …

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I have never seen one of those! That looks like a lot of fun 😉

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How to Travel More with a Full-Time Job
Most Americans are probably in that situation of losing vacation days because they don’t make enough to save for the vacation expenses. Reasons why residual income building and entrepreneurship are so important 😉 I’m very sick of not taking vacations like I used to. Great tips for people on planning that out…not planned, won’t be saved for, definitely won’t happen!

A Tour of Austin’s Street Art and Murals
That is so cool! Have never been to Austin, there are a lot of cool ones, but I like that You’re my butter half one 😉 Texas is on my travel bucket list!

Travel is My Love Language
I love that, I wish our family had travelled more when we were younger, definitely something I want to instill in my kids as most of my travels happened once I moved out of my house, we don’t have those family memories. Want my kids to though so 🙂 awesome blog!

The Model City {Anniston, AL}
What a cute town! I have only been through Auburn once haven’t seen the rest of Alabama… Beautiful photography by the way!

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