How cool! I so want to go there! I love …

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How cool! I so want to go there! I love apple mills, orchards, etc. This looks like such a neat weekend trip.

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The People of New York City
When I last went to NYC I loved to ride the ferry and watch as people saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time. The reaction shots were so varied and it was amazing to see. Some people broke into tears and shared stories of immigrant ancestors which was really sweet.

Checking In: New York Marriott Downtown
We are hoping to get up to NYC this Fall for a trip so we’ll check it out. My in-laws always stay at Marriott hotels.

A Day by the Santa Monica Bay
I have to get out there! I’ve always wanted to road trip down Ol’ Route 66. I might have to persuade Brandon to put the trip on the schedule.

The Model City {Anniston, AL}
This sounds like so much fun! I love history museums and I had no idea this was so close to Atlanta. We were just looking for fun places to visit that were within 100 miles or so. This goes on the list!

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