30 Before 30: 6 Month Check In

Six months ago I shared my 30 Before 30 list of things to accomplish before my thirtieth birthday. As today is my half-birthday, I thought I would share where I am so far with my list today.

  1. Take an international trip – IN PROGRESS
    • I have at least one international trips in the works! 🙂
  2. Visit at least one new state – DONE
  3. Read 30 books in a year (Taking recommendations!) – IN PROGRESS
    • To date, I’ve read 20 books. What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year?
  4. Try a new sport – IN PROGRESS
    • I decided to take up hiking as my “sport”. I joined a women’s hiking group for the state of Georgia to help get out more. Unfortunately, schedule and weather has prevented me from making most, but I definitely have more penciled in as spring approaches.
  5. Take a girls’ trip – ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?
  6. Move to a new place – DONE
    • I purchased my first home in October 2017.
  7. Change jobs – IN PROGRESS
    • I decided to change directions with my career, and I’m in the progress of building my own business.
  8. Grow my blog (Thanks for following along!) – IN PROGRESS
  9. Get to know my family history
  10. Challenge my culinary skills – DONE
    • I took a six-week cooking class with Publix’s Apron Cooking School.
  11. Do something that scares me – IN PROGRESS
  12. Work out more and on a consistent basis – IN PROGRESS
    • Thanks to Spotebi I have been able to work out on my schedule and even when I’m on the road!
  13. Take a challenging hike
  14. Relearn to play the piano – IN PROGRESS
    • For Christmas, my parents gifted me a new keyboard. I’m teaching myself how to play again.
  15. Get back to graduate school size and weight – IN PROGRESS
  16. Learn a new skill – IN PROGRESS
    • I started to learn crochet a couple of years ago, but never really got far with it. I decided to pick it up as a fun activity while I’m unwinding at night and watching TV. I’m no expert, but hoping to share a completed piece soon.
  17. Visit a new SEC stadium – DONE
    • I had the opportunity to actually knock out two SEC stadiums (Vanderbilt and Texas A&M) this fall.
  18. Be more spontaneous – IN PROGRESS
    • I kicked off Year 29 with spontaneity by traveling with Pack Up + Go to Denver.
    • I also decided my theme for 2018 is to “say yes to adventures” so I’ve got some excitement planned as the warmer months approach.
  19. Climb another state peak
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Improve my wine knowledge
  22. Get a pet
  23. Participate in a race
  24. Attend another short-term mission trip
  25. Travel somewhere alone – DONE
    • A three-day weekend in Charleston was just what I needed to reset for the 2018 calendar year.
  26. Put more money away into savings – IN PROGRESS
  27. Take on a monthly photography challenge
  28. Expand my food palate
  29. Spend a full day at the spa – DONE
  30. Learn how to show myself grace – IN PROGRESS
    • I’m a work in progress.