Redcliffe Plantation | Beech Island, SC
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Redcliffe Plantation

Only a few miles away from the Georgia state line sits one of the top ten sites to visit in South Carolina, Redcliffe Plantation.

Completed in 1859, Redcliffe Plantation served as the home of James Henry Hammond, who went on to serve the state of South Carolina in the House of Representatives and Senate as well as Goveneror, and his family. The Hammond family lived in the house until 1973 when the property was donated to the state and added to the National Register.

The house is situated on the highest point of the area, and at the time it was built had views of the Savannah River, which is about five miles away.

Be sure to look for the magnolia lane that served as the carriage entrance to the home to the left of the main steps.

When you pull up in the parking lot, you are facing the back of the home and its outbuildings. The property includes the stables built around 1903, as well as two slave quarters that are still standing. This piece of property did not serve as a “working” plantation, but 100 of the 400 acres were for agricultural experimentation including vineyards, orchards, and crops like indigo and sugar cane.

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The property has seen a lot over the years since it was built, and the stories that are still being revealed to this day are rich and important to remember. I highly recommend taking the tour to get more behind the scenes information as well as a tour of the home.