• Tips to Working at Home

    Tips to Working at Home

    Working from home can be both a privilege and a curse. The past 12-months have been quite the adjustment from working 9-5 in an office setting to working from the comfort of…

  • Front Porch Visits v.1.19

    Front Porch Visits v1.2019

    In the South, we’ve truly mastered the art of porching. We believe if the kitchen is the heart of our house, the porch is its soul. Sitting on the porch is an…

  • How to Maximize the Micro Trip

    Travel Trend: How to Maximize the Micro Trip

    Micro trips are one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry. This trend provides the perfect opportunity for individuals with hectic-schedules to maximize their vacation plans with shorter, but still-exciting experiences…

  • 2018 Year End Review

    2018 Year End Review

    Reflecting back at all that has taken place in 2018 brings a smile to my face. This year has been one of the most eye-opening years of my life and a period…

  • CSS Neuse | Kinston, NC
    Southern Experiences

    CSS Neuse

    Are you a history lover of the American Civil War? Then you’ll have to make a stop during your visit to Kinston, NC to the museum of the CSS Neuse. The CSS…

  • The Restaurants of Kinston | Kinston, NC
    Southern Experiences

    The Restaurants of Kinston

    Kinston, N.C. is a place that was not on my radar. But, now that I have visited, I suggest you put the unassuming town, with some unexpected delights, on your radar. One…