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    For the month of December, we focused on shooting without a flash and candlelight as our only source of light. It took a lot of trial and error to get the right combination of…

  • Photography

    circles and crosses

    The subject matter for this month’s photography assignment was circles and crosses. I actually really enjoyed this assignment as it really forced me to think outside the box. The majority of my photos for this…

  • Photography

    black and white

    For the month of July, my Santa Fe Photography Workshop class decided to challenge ourselves by shooting in black and white. I don’t have much experience with black and white photography, so…

  • Photography

    the color red

    It has been little over a month since my adventure to Santa Fe. Our class decided that we wanted to stay connected after we left New Mexico, and to continue to grow…

  • Photography, Travel

    Turquoise and Adobe Walls

    Santa Fe, New Mexico. Another city and another state crossed off the bucket list! A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Photography Workshop with National Geographic Expeditions and Santa Fe Photographic…