Travel Tips for Introverts

Travel Tips for Introverts

Confession: I’m an introvert. Being an introvert is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can feel like we are just bystanders in an extrovert world. And this is especially the case when it comes to travel. Below I’ve provided a few tips to help introverts navigate the world of travel.

Cliché travel questions are your friend.

Small talk can be painstakingly painful for an introvert. However, when traveling those cliché questions can be a lifesaver. So, where are you from? How long have you been traveling? How do you like it so far? Even if these cliché questions don’t segue into a lengthy conversation, no harm done.

Never travel without headphones, a sleep mask, or a book.

For those times you have hit your introvert wall, one of the easiest way to avoid a conversation is to put in your headphones or pick up a book.

Skip the B&B or Airbnb.

While your extroverted friends might rave about the friends they made at that little B&B, all you need as an introvert is rest. I love being able to end my day by closing my hotel door and knowing no one else will bother me. Solidarity is essential for recharging after a long day of travel and exploring.

Get up early.

Getting up before your traveling companions is a great way to steal some solo time without bothering anyone else.

Schedule downtime.

Avoid scheduling your travel from sun up to sun down. Build in some time to recharge. Scheduling downtime, even if it is just grabbing a coffee at a local cafe and people watching, is essential to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Try a walking tour.

Guided tours are a great way to experience some human interaction while you are on your travels, plus you get to learn a little something about your destination. Additionally, there isn’t a ton of pressure to talk, but you can have small interactions with the individuals in the group.

Take your hobbies with you.

Traveling is all about experiencing new things, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the joys of home. Increase your photography skills by spending time behind the lens, practice your sketches by taking in the scenery, or simply soak up the sun with a good book.

Keep a travel journal.

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to decompress after a long day. It allows you the chance to reflect and process what occurred in your day, as well as give you something to do when you are tucked away in a corner cafe or bar.


Are you an introverted traveler? How do you cope with the stress of traveling?

Southern Experiences

Lookout Mountain Itinerary

Lookout Mountain Itinerary

Lookout Mountain, just minutes outside the city Chattanooga, Tennessee, include three world-famous natural wonders that show off the beauty of the mountain and the Chattanooga valley below. Luckily, if done right, you can see all that Lookout Mountain has to offer in just one day.


Start your day off with a visit to Ruby Falls, America’s tallest underground waterfall. This attraction opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. I highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to avoid the long wait times. The Cave Tour lasts about anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, but there are options to take an extended cavern tour. Also, don’t forget to climb to the top of the observation tower for stunning views of the Valley.

Ruby Falls | Chattanooga, TN Ruby Falls | Chattanooga, TN


After seeing Ruby Falls, you have probably worked up an appetite! I highly recommend you head down the mountain to grab lunch at the t Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal of BBQ and southern sides. After lunch, head over to Clumpies Ice Cream Company for a quick scoop of ice cream!


I recommend starting with Rock City to help walk off lunch. This attraction requires you to go back up the mountain and to cross the state line into Georgia. Rock City has so much to offer its guests including the world famous “See 7 States” viewing deck. With every turn in the path, you will encounter impressive rock formations and views of the surrounding valleys.

Lover's Leap | Rock City | Lookout Mountain, GA See Seven States | Rock City | Lookout Mountain, GA

Following lunch, you will wind along the top of Lookout Mountains ridge to arrive at the Incline Railway. This railway has the nickname “America’s Most Amazing Mile,” and it indeed is an engineering marvel. You will also appreciate the opportunity to sit after walking through Rock City. The Incline Railway has two stops: one at the top of the mountain and one at the bottom next to the restaurant suggested for lunch. Making it easy to swap which attraction you do first in the afternoon.

The Incline Railway | Chattanooga, TN The Incline Railway | Chattanooga, TN


After taking in the sights of Lookout Mountain, drive along the Tennessee River to Lookout Winery for some delicious pizza and wine before heading back into Chattanooga for some shopping and R&R at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.

Lookout Winery | Guild, TN Terminal Station | MacArthur Building | Chattanooga Choo Choo | Chattanooga, TN


You can purchase combination tickets for all three attractions here.

Are you ready to explore Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain?


8 Things to Do When You Get Home from a Trip

8 Things to Do When You Get Home from a Trip

Coming back from a magical vacation is zero fun. The second you walk in your front door you want to dump your luggage and not move for a few hours. I don’t blame you, and you absolutely deserve it. However, before you completely veg out be sure you complete these things. These tips just might make post-vacation life easier.

Put away your luggage.

You are probably like me, you don’t unpack the second you walk in the door, and your suitcase sits in the corner for weeks after you get back home. Spend a few minutes putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, putting away your toiletries, and storing your suitcase away. I know you’ll be exhausted after your trip, but you’ll find energy and enjoyment if your home is not filled with the mess of unpacked suitcases.

Take care of yourself.

Travel can be very hard on the body. Between crossing time zones, fitful sleeping on planes, over-indulging in food and beverage, and stressing out about travel troubles, it’s no surprise some individuals get sick after a trip. To make sure you stay in best health, be sure to hydrate after you long, dry-air flight and up your Vitamin C intake. Additionally, listen to your body when it comes to sleep.

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Let someone know you have arrived.

As soon as you get home, be sure to call or text your family and friends letting them know you’ve arrived home safely.

Check your financial statements.

Identity theft is a growing problem worldwide, and travelers are especially vulnerable. A few days after you get home, check your credit card and bank statements to make sure nothing looks out of order. You are looking for things like double charges, missing refund credits or spending you didn’t authorize. If you see a problem, be sure you get in touch with your bank or credit card company to get it fixed immediately.

Deal with your email.

Vacation is a great way to unplug from the “real” world, so if you were not staying on top of your email during your time away, you are likely arriving home to an overflowing inbox. Zip through your emails, organizing all the emails you received. Respond to anything urgent, delete any newsletters or alerts you’ll never read, and turn off your auto messages.

Filter images.

Don’t wait too long to go through all your images that you forget the significance of your adventures. Sort and caption all your pictures while your memories are still fresh.

Take action.

Have you ever returned home from a trip feeling inspired about a specific cause? When you return home, take action with those causes that you wanted to help with from afar. Make a donation, seek out a volunteer program or find some other way to turn your inspiration into action.

Start planning your next trip.

It is scientifically proven that travel makes you a happier person. To help fend off the post-vacation blues, start planning your next adventure!


What is the first thing you do when you get home?

Southern Experiences

Marietta Food Tours

Food Tours are one of my favorite ways to explore a new area. You can’t beat getting to try delicious eats while learning a little history. So upon hearing about the Marietta Food Tours in my hometown, I decided this was at the top of my local bucket list. Marietta offers several nationally recognized restaurants, and I was excited to try them out and add new restaurants to my go-to list.

Marietta Food Tours

Marietta Food Tours offers three-hour tours on Saturdays, which includes ten tastings, as well as a Supper Tour on Wednesday night. A Saturday tour costs $50, and the Supper Tour is $75. The walk is comfortable for all fitness levels, and they’ll even help accommodate dietary restrictions.

Australian Bakery Cafe

48 S Park Square NE
Marietta, GA 30060

Austrailian Bakery Cafe opened in the 1990s by expats, and it was the first bakery to sell authentic meat pies in the United States. They also are the only Austrailian Bakery east of the Mississippi River. The Australian Bakery Cafe ships pies around the country and also sells treats from Australia, South Africa, and Britain. Instead of trying one of their meat pies we had the opportunity to taste one of their off-menu items, fish and chips. This dish was probably the best fish and chips dish I have ever eaten; the chips were fresh cut and fish was perfectly battered and fried.

Australian Bakery Cafe | Marietta, GAAustralian Bakery Cafe | Marietta, GAAustralian Bakery Cafe | Marietta, GA

wr Social House

25 N Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060

This place has gone by several names and has served up several different types of dishes. At one point this location served as the home of Dunaway Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Now, wr Social House is known for locally baked bread, house-ground meat, and locally sourced produce. We were served a delicious Pigs in a Blanket made with house-ground sausage alongside tasty honey mustard. Their burgers and brunch also come highly recommended.

wr Social House | Marietta, GAwr Social House | Marietta, GAwr Social House | Marietta, GA

Paul’s Pot Pies

10 Mill Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Paul’s Pot Pies is a staple of Marietta Square and has been for 20 years. Initially a catering business and restaurant, Paul’s Pot Pies now serves on what they do best…pot pies. They have been featured on Travel Channel, and offer 12 different recipes to the Cobb County community. The rest of the group noshed on Paul’s Classic Chicken pot pie; I had the opportunity to try Paul’s Italian pie as the dairy-free option. Pies come in a 6-inch and a 10-inch option, so grab one to eat when you get home.

Paul’s Pot Pies | Marietta, GAPaul’s Pot Pies | Marietta, GAPaul’s Pot Pies | Marietta, GA

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters

31 Mill Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters provides you with a much-needed jolt halfway through the tour. This local coffee shop is housed in the old train station. Cool Beans roast their beans onsite in their bright red roaster. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I heard from everyone else in the group that it was delicious!

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters | Marietta, GA

Kiosco Colombian Restaurant

48 Powder Springs Street SW
Marietta, GA 30064

Kiosco, Spanish for kiosk, is a cozy restaurant that usually has a wait out the door. Offering traditional Columbian fare, you have to try the seafood paella and carne asada. We had the opportunity to sample traditional tamales and a salad, making this the heartiest tasting of the day.

Kiosco Restaurant | Marietta, GAKiosco Restaurant | Marietta, GA

Marietta Wine Market

18 Powder Springs Street SW
Marietta, GA 30064

Marietta Wine Market sells the square’s best selection of wines from Georgia and beyond. This destination was by far my favorite stop! In addition to having a collection of over 500 beers and wines, Marietta Wine Market offers tastings on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We had the opportunity to try a delicious peach wine, even bought a bottle to take home, with some of the Market’s snacks.

Marietta Wine Market | Marietta, GA

Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes, Cakes and Such

156 Roswell Street NE
Marietta, GA 30060

Every tour should end with something sweet. You have probably heard of Miss Mamie’s from Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, where she won. Cupcake flavors include coconut lemon, tangerine rosemary, and Guinness. Gluten-free and vegan options are also available. Other desserts include tarts, pies, cheesecake, cookies, and custom cakes. Other individuals in the group had the opportunity to try the Guinness cupcake, and I had the dairy-free strawberry option.

Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes | Marietta, GAMiss Mamie’s Cupcakes | Marietta, GAMiss Mamie’s Cupcakes | Marietta, GAMiss Mamie’s Cupcakes | Marietta, GAMiss Mamie’s Cupcakes | Marietta, GA

Regardless if you are a Marietta native, you need to try this tour to get a flavor of my Southern town.

Marietta, GAMarietta, GA

Savor Marietta Square’s finest selection of food and beverage offerings with a 10% discount using code “FOODIEFUN10”.

Southern Experiences

Southern Eats: Honeymoon Bakery

Southern Eats is a series about beloved Southern dining establishments. Do you have suggestions? Send us an email.

If you are looking for a delicious breakfast during your time in Rome, Georgia, I highly recommend you check out Honeymoon Bakery.

Honeymoon Bakery | Rome, GA

Located in the heart of downtown historic Rome, Honeymoon Bakery boasts a unique atmosphere with old, exposed brick and big farm tables. The restaurant serves up delicious cakes, pastries, and a fantastic breakfast selection.

Honeymoon Bakery | Rome, GA

Grab a hot beverage, a breakfast sandwich or a plate of fluffy pancakes or a fresh muffin, to help fuel your adventures in Rome. The plus side, Honeymoon Bakery is within walking distance of most hotels in the city making it the perfect place to start your morning in the city between the rivers.

Honeymoon Bakery | Rome, GA Honeymoon Bakery | Rome, GA