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29 + 30 Before 30

Today is my 29th birthday, and to be honest, this is a birthday I have not been looking forward to celebrating. But birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to start new. So, this year I aim to be stronger, braver, kinder and unstoppable. I aim to be fierce. I am ready to close the door on 28 and welcome this last year of my 20s with open arms.

To help make the most of Chapter 29, I have created a list of 30 things I’d like to accomplish before the big 3-0 gets here.

  1. Take an international trip
  2. Visit at least one new state
  3. Read 30 books in a year (Taking recommendations!)
  4. Try a new sport
  5. Take a girls’ trip
  6. Move to a new place
  7. Change jobs
  8. Grow my blog (Thanks for following along!)
  9. Get to know my family history
  10. Challenge my culinary skills
  11. Do something that scares me
  12. Work out more and on a consistent basis
  13. Take a challenging hike
  14. Relearn to play the piano
  15. Get back to graduate school size and weight
  16. Learn a new skill
  17. Visit a new SEC stadium
  18. Be more spontaneous
  19. Climb another state peak
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Improve my wine knowledge
  22. Get a pet
  23. Participate in a race
  24. Attend another short-term mission trip
  25. Travel somewhere alone
  26. Put more money away into savings
  27. Take on a monthly photography challenge
  28. Expand my food palate
  29. Spend a full-day at the spa
  30. Learn how to show myself grace

birthday shirt

29, I have the feeling you are going to be the best year yet!

What is one thing you want to accomplish before your next birthday?


On Tuesday I celebrated my 28th birthday, but, let’s be real, I celebrated all week!

My birthday celebration started last weekend with a full three days with The Tall Man. I drove over to Raleigh to celebrate, and my man spoiled me! The party started on Saturday with a trip down to the North Carolina Zoo. The primary reason for this trip was to see elephants! (I have a slight obsession with elephants.)

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Our weekend continued with an amazing birthday dinner at Vivace. Y’all. The Tall Man outdid himself in selecting this restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious. We left completely stuffed and satisfied. If you are in Raleigh, make a visit.

On my actual birthday, I headed out to dinner with the parental unit at Roux on Canton and then headed home for presents. I received a brand new camera, Canon 70D!

??? // loving my new camera! fantastic birthday present from my parents! #canon

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All in all, it was a pretty great birthday! I’m looking forward to what is in store for year 28.


I’m now officially 27. My birthday was Sunday, and I celebrated with a quiet weekend at home with my parents. It was just what the doctor ordered after the chaotic two weeks my family has experienced.

27th Birthday ecard

My birthday weekend commenced with some time at the pool thanks to a Summer Friday at work. I’m in desperate need of some sunshine as I have not laid out since my last birthday. Yeah, you can say I’m a little pale right now. But having the community pool and a new book to myself was the perfect way to kick-off the weekend.

my birthday weekend has officially begun! ? soaking up some much need sun! ☀️

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When trying to decide what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday, I decided to look to my bucket list. I recently decided to add a new item to my list – to hike/climb as many of the states’ highest points as possible. And with the weather being pretty mild this weekend for Georgia in summer (low 90s), it was the perfect opportunity. So, on Saturday morning we headed north to Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest point.

Southern Exhilaration at the Highest Point in Georgia

After tackling the mountain, we drove over to Blairsville, Georgia to find some lunch. We stumbled across this adorable little spot, Pappy’s Riverside Restaurant and Fudge Shop, along the Nottley River. The food was good, the fudge was perfect, and the little shops had some fun trinkets.

Then before I knew it, it was Sunday and MY BIRTHDAY! My birthday day was pretty low-key. We started with brunch at J. Christopher, followed by some quick necessary errands, then a movie – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – topped off with a delicious Mexican dinner complete with sombrero wearing and sopaipilla eating! The night concluded catching up on episodes of Bachelor in Paradise.

Birthday Dinner

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic birthday weekend! Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, I certainly felt the love this weekend!


Today is my 26th birthday. It seems like the older you get the faster the years slip by, so in an effort to make the most of my 26th year I’ve set some goals for myself. I’m not all for the 26 goals before my 27th birthday thing…so, these are just some things I want to accomplish to improve as an individual and to just straight up enjoy life!


  • Go someplace new: check one of the destinations off my bucket list
  • Take a Photography Workshop. Carve out more time for this hobby.
  • Try a new recipe
  • Run a 5K and start 10K/Half-Marathon training
  • Be more intentional with my relationships
  • Get involved in a new Bible Study
  • Explore Atlanta more, and get more involved in the community
  • Say something positive each day
  • Start seriously putting aside more money for a house for when that new job comes along!

That’s it for now! I’m now going to enjoy a lovely weekend by the seashore with my Momma!



Skydiving with Skydive Georgia

Are you crazy enough to jump out of a perfectly good plane? Well, that’s exactly what I did to celebrate my 25th birthday this year. Skydiving was never one of those things I ever wanted to do until I had the opportunity to ride with the Army Golden Knights, and since that day I wanted to add and cross skydiving off my bucket list.

Skydive Georgia

There are several different options when it comes to skydiving in Georiga. We opted to go with Skydive Georgia in Ceadertown as it came with high safety reviews and is one of the largest skydiving operations in the southeast. The facility also has been in operation since 1999 with a staff of over 30 years of experience.

Pre-Flight Check

Upon arriving at the drop zone, you will fill out a waiver that basically signs your life away, then watch a 10-minute video about how to dive tandem, then you get all strapped into your harness. Simple enough, right?

Flight & Fall

The flight to 14,000 feet takes about 10 minutes, but that is enough time to get psyched out. I, personally, got very anxious as we started to make that flight up. Then they opened the doors and out you went. What’s it like to free fall to earth? It is an absolute sensory overload! It is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience and one I definitely would do again!

After you reach the proper altitude, they pull the parachute, and you have about a 5-7 minute float back to the ground.

Have you ever gone skydiving? Or would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?

25 {Quarter Century}

Quarter Century. 25 years old. That just sounds old. And to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this birthday. But now that it has come and gone, I think 25 will be a good year.

I anticipated a quiet birthday for this year. I’m not one for being the center of attention, and would much instead celebrate it with my family. So, I took Friday (my actual birthday) off from work and just enjoyed a lazy weekend. Also, the weather decided it didn’t want to act like August, and it was 63 degrees and raining. Blah. So, we opted for lunch out, a movie, a home cooked dinner and an evening of board games.

Saturday morning started off early but didn’t go quite as planned as rain canceled one of my birthday presents. My parents surprised me with a bucket list item – skydiving with my brother!!! Since it rained all day, it will have to wait until September to cross this item off the list. So, instead, we spent the day shopping, napping and watching movies.

Overall it was a great weekend! I’m looking forward to what this year has in store! Thank you to everyone who wished me a “Happy Birthday”!