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Niagara Never Stops

Niagra Falls. A destination on just about everyone’s bucket list and a natural wonder of the world. Niagra Falls is the collective name of the falls that lie on the border of the United States and Canada, but it actually consists of three different waterfalls. Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Almost 3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second, which produces the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth.

Journey Behind the Falls

There are multiple ways to see Niagara up close and personal; I opted for the Journey Behind the Falls, which is on the Canadian side of Horseshoe Falls. This tour takes you 150 feet down and provides you the opportunity to walk through a maze of passages behind the tour, with the pièce de résistance being the observation platform at the bottom of the 13-story falls.

My hood didn’t do me much good, but getting soaked was totally worth seeing this natural wonder.

Niagara Parks

Niagara Falls Canada is part of Niagara Parks, an almost 35-mile long park, bordering the Niagara River. This park is made up of a Botanical Gardens, Butterfly Conservatory, Niagra Glen and more. It is worth exploring this park as you spend your time in Ontario.

Night Life in Niagara

Conclude your time in Niagara with dinner on the veranda of Queen Victoria Place Restaurant for stunning views of the falls at sunset, and be sure you stay for the falls to turn on the lights.

Is Niagara Falls on your list of places to visit?

Caribou Crossing {Carcross, Yukon}

Remember when I shared our adventures in Skagway, Alaska and our cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage? I told you I had a story for another day about our Backcountry Jeep Safari to Carcross, Yukon…and today is that day!

Southern Exhilaration: Carcross, Yukon

Skagway is often referred as the “Gateway to the Yukon”, so when we saw the opportunity we could drive to Canada and cross another country off our bucket lists, we quickly jumped at the opportunity. After finishing up our adventure on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad and grabbing some lunch, we were ready for our second excursion of the day. We all piled into a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler and started the drive to the Yukon. The drive to Carcross from Skagway is a little over 2 hours, and we covered a lot of different terrains along that drive.

Carcross, originally known as Caribou Crossing, is a small, small town with a population of almost 300 people located on Bennett and Nares Lake. There is not much happening in this small town now, but it was once a popular stopping point for gold miners on their way to and from the gold fields in Dawson City (375 miles north). We made a quick pit stop for passport stamps, because it’s not official until you get a passport stamp, before the off-roading segment of the excursion.

Carcross, Yukon Bennett Lake | Carcross, Yukon

We made our way up an extremely rough and steep trail to an old mine field that overlooks Montana Mountain. We were treated to snacks and majestic views of Canadian mountains before making our way back down the trail.

We even caught a glimpse of some wildlife on the trip back to Skagway.

Views along South Klondike Highway Views along South Klondike Highway

Next time you’re in western Canada, I highly recommend taking a drive along the Klondike Highway! The views are absolutely worth it!

Do you have a favorite highway drive? What is it?