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For the month of December, we focused on shooting without a flash and candlelight as our only source of light. It took a lot of trial and error to get the right combination of settings, as well as adjusting several of my momma’s candles to get the light just right. But once everything fell into place, I was very happy with the outcome.

These are the images I submitted for the assignment.

candlelight candlelight candlelight

circles and crosses

The subject matter for this month’s photography assignment was circles and crosses. I actually really enjoyed this assignment as it really forced me to think outside the box. The majority of my photos for this assignment were taken at an antique store/museum in north Georgia.

circles & crosses circles & crosses

black and white

For the month of July, my Santa Fe Photography Workshop class decided to challenge ourselves by shooting in black and white. I don’t have much experience with black and white photography, so I found this assignment to be slightly challenging but a lot of fun. It was fun driving around town trying to find the right angles, shading, texture, and topic to create a strong image in black and white.

These are the images I submitted for our monthly review.

black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white

the color red

It has been little over a month since my adventure to Santa Fe. Our class decided that we wanted to stay connected after we left New Mexico, and to continue to grow as photographers. Armed with our cameras and a monthly prompt, we are exploring our various cities to complete the prompt.

For the month of June, our prompt was the color red.

the color red the color red the color red the color redthe color red