Around the Horn: Favorite Baseball Memory

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Baseball season is here! I just love the atmosphere, the fans, the game, the food, and the tight pants that come with baseball season! Baseball is one of the many things that helps hold me over until football season starts!

Your baseball pants are way too tight. Said no girl ever. / Sports Ecard / someecards.com

I have so many great memories at baseball games, whether it is singing the National Anthem with a choir at Turner Field, hanging out with friends, studying while at opening weekend in college, celebrating a birthday or holiday, or a first date. Baseball is linked to some of my favorite spring and summer memories.

One of my favorite baseball memories is way back in circa 1998 when my family went to a game at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium to see the Birmingham Barons play.

Birmingham Barons

It was like any typical baseball game. We showed up, grabbed our seats along the 1st base line, enjoyed some Cracker Jacks and got ready to show off our mad yo-yoing skills! You read that correctly. We yo-yoed at a baseball game, with the whole stadium, which landed us a spot in the Guinness World Records for Largest Simultaneous Yo-yo! That’s right, I went to a baseball game with my family and helped set a world record. Of course, that record has since been surpassed, but for a time we were there among the greats and weird that make up Guinness World Records!

 What is your favorite baseball memory?

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