Southern Experiences

Naples, Florida with Kasey at the Bat

As I’m on the final stretch of my trip in Romania, I want to introduce one of my favorite bloggers. Take it away, Kasey!

Hey Southern Exhilaration readers! I’m Kasey, I blog over at Kasey at the Bat! Since Caitlin is out exploring, I’m taking over for today! In April, I went on a mini-vacation to Naples, FL and promised a everyone sunset pictures (because I easily took a million.) then instead I posted pictures of boat tours and alligators. Yeah, my pants are on fire. So today I wanted to share some of those pictures with you!

We made it to the bar at the Naples Beach club juuuuust in time to see the Kentucky Derby (literally we walked up into the bar as they opened the gates. TALK about timing!) ordered a couple of mint juleps then remembered why we don’t order mint juleps.

Those were everywhere — they said “kids don’t float” and offered life jackets for borrowing. Adorable.

The bar at the beach club looks right out over the ocean and you can see everyone getting ready to catch the sunset. As soon as it starts to turn orange, we cash out and take our drinks to get a good spot on the beach!

These little girls kept running into my shot. Like, I would re focus down the beach, they would run down there. I figure, since you can’t tell who they are by any means, that I could take their pictures. I mean, they also didn’t really give me any other choice did they?

Did I forget to mention it was a full moon? I mean, I don’t know if it was a “full” full moon or if it just looked that way…. it was a really solid moon though. THEN I GOT TO LEARN HOW TO TAKE PICTURES IN THE DARK! (I’m teaching myself to take fancy pictures)

So there you have it! Sunset highlights! I say high lights because I really did take about 400 pictures (statistically some of them have to be pretty good.) What do you think? Have you ever been to Naples? I totally recommend the Beach Club! Great drinks, great food, amazing location.

Thanks, Kasey! I’ve never vacationed in Naples, Florida before, but your adventures and that sunset alone has me adding into my Florida beaches list.