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Throw Tea into the Sea

History-driven, touristy places are abundant in Boston, Massachusetts. So if you are not sure where to start, I recommend the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

The museum recommends purchasing tickets in advance, but we had no trouble getting into one of the shows.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum | Boston, MA

You start off the experience in a town hall type setting the night before the famous tea party. After taking on the identity of someone who participated in the Boston Tea Party, “Sam Adams” provides a compelling speech to teach you about the events that led up to the decision to destroy the tea and why this event had to take place the night of December 16, 1773.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum | Boston, MA Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum | Boston, MA

After shouts of “Huzzah!” and donning your secret identity, you head out to one of the two ships docked in the harbor. The museum features two replica ships of the period, the Eleanor and the Beaver.

Once on board, not only do you learn about the destruction of the 340 chests of British East India Company Tea, which weighed over 92,000 pounds, but you also get to see what living conditions were like on board these vessels that brought trade items into the colonies. Let’s just say, you had to really love your fellow sailors as living conditions were tight!

You also get the chance to throw tea into the sea just like the Sons of Liberty.

After exiting the boat, you enter the museum for a multi-sensory experience where you get to see what exactly occurred in the days and weeks following the tea party. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed but trust me it is a very cool museum! One of our favorite parts of the museum was getting to see and learn about the Robinson Half Chest, one of only two known tea chests from the event that is known to exist.

So, if you are looking for a place to start your Boston visit I definitely recommend starting here — where the American Revolution started.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum | Boston, MA