Chihuly in the Garden

When art and gardens come together, it is a powerful thing. I had the opportunity to tour Atlanta Botanical Gardens twice during Chihuly in the Garden, which is taking place until October.

This exhibit opened on April 30th and features 21 different installations including an interpretive gallery. The 20 sculptures are found throughout the gardens and include some of his more famous pieces of work. This exhibit also features a Chihuly Nights, allowing you to experience the sculptures brilliantly lit after dark.

Below are just some of the sculptures included in this exhibit as well as where they are located in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Be sure you get there before this exhibit closes in October!

Indigo Blue Icicle Tower, 2015

This stunning blue tower is located on the trail just outside the Hardin Visitor Center and is the first piece of art you will come to as you tour the gardens.

Fern Dell Paintbrushes, 2016

This sculpture reminds me of flames more than paintbrushes, and it can be found in the Southern Seasons Garden in the fountain.

Green Hornets and Waterdrops, 2016; Neodymium Reeds, 2014

The next stop is to the Kendra Canopy Walk where you will find two sculptures mixed.

Chartreuse Hornet Polyvitro Chandelier, 2001

Be sure to look up when you are on the Canopy Walk to catch this hanging piece of art.


Saffron Tower, 2008

This sculpture is one of my favorite pieces on display, and it is located at the end of the Water Mirror next to the Glade Garden.

White Belugas, 2014

You’ll find this collection along the Sourwood Terrace on your way to the Cascades Garden.

Fiori Boat and Nijima Floats, 2016

This set of sculptures is located in the Cascades Garden at the “feet” of Earth Goddess.

Trumpet Flower Arbor, 1997

This piece is the oldest on display in this exhibit, and you have to look carefully to find it. It is hidden in the walkway on the way from the Gardenhouse to the Trustees Garden.

Sol de Citron, 2014

This flaming ball of “flame” is on the terrace overlooking the restaurant Linton’s.

Sapphire Star, 2010

This piece is my favorite in this exhibit. It’s exceptionally stunning at sunrise with the sun glinting through it. I sat and admired this sculpture for a while. It is located opposite the lawn from the Fuqua Conservatory.

Carmel and Red Fiori, 2015

These sculptures line the arbor along the lawn in front of the Fuqua Conservatory.

Black and Green Striped Herons with Icicle Clusters, 2015

Inside the Fuqua Conservatory, you will find 4 of different pieces of the exhibit. The feature above as well as Ikebana (2002-2009) and Sapphire Neon with Neodymium Reeds, Floats, and Logs (2015). The Conservatory is also where you can find the Chihuly Interpretive Gallery.


Look for this beauty in the fountain in the Levy Parterre between Day Hall and Mershon Hall.