Football Saturdays in the South: Game Day Attire

Football season is here again, and that means it’s time to start planning those game day outfits. Regardless of who you are pulling for, a Saturday in the SEC means typically you’re in front of a television arguing over the commentary, or you’re in a stadium cheering with your friends. And it means wearing your Saturday best.

If you are not familiar with football in the south, there is an art for dressing for SEC football, and I’m going to share some of those tips with you, so you are prepared!

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School Colors

First things first, when it comes to dressing for Saturdays you need to know two things. One what are your team’s football colors and two who are you playing. As an Alabama fan, you definitely don’t want to wear a black dress to the Vandy game. (Oops! – See here.)

School Colors
University of Alabama Crimson and White // Houndstooth
University of Arkansas Cardinal and White
Auburn University Blue and Orange
University of Florida Blue and Orange
University of Georgia Black and Red
University of Kentucky Blue and White
LSU Purple and Gold
University of Mississippi Red and Navy Blue
Mississippi State University White and Maroon
University of Missouri Black and Gold
University of South Carolina Black and Garnet
University of Tennessee White and Orange
Texas A&M University White and Maroon
Vanderbilt University Black and Gold


Warm Weather

There is nothing quite like roasting under the Southern sun. The outfit of choice during games with these temperatures is your classic sundress (like this one) paired with a cute of flats. (I’m over the use of heels at games- 4 hours standing is not worth the pain.) I, personally, pick out simple dresses in my school colors so that I can reuse them throughout the year. Not a dress person, that’s ok! Wear a pair of solid-color shorts/skirt with a top that shows off your school pride, and a pair of school spirit flats (like these!).

Cooler Weather

As the temperatures turn, it’s time to start breaking out your fall and winter accessories. This is the perfect time to wear a good pair of cowboy boots. Pair this with your dress from earlier in the season to get a little more wear along with a cardigan or school color scarf. Additionally, slacks with a cute top is always an option.

The key to dressing for games is to keep it classy and think of it as going to a family function instead of just some football game.


Guys always have it easier when it comes to game day dress codes, as it is essentially the same year round. Keep it classy with a pair of khaki pants and a button-up shirt. I love these shirts that show a little spirit. If you decide to go for the classic white shirt, then a bowtie is always a good choice. If you are not the button-up shirt type, that’s ok as a classic polo is always a good option.