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5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Passport Photo

People tend not to look their best in identification photos, and the worst part is the results are with you for years. To ensure you get the best picture possible, follow the tips below.


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      1. For clothing, wear a solid color shirt in a color that compliments your skin tone. Don’t wear white or black. Additionally, pick a v-neck or scoop neck for the neckline. Lastly, avoid scarves or turtlenecks – you don’t want to seem neckless in your photo.
      2. Wear makeup, ladies! I’d recommend using an oil-absorbing face powder or a photo-finish primer to help prevent the glare from the harsh flash. Also, to help combat the flash add some bronzer and blush to those cheeks, so you don’t look washed out.
      3. Let your hair down! Your hair acts as a natural frame of your face so utilize it. Style it, and bring a brush with you to keep your flyaways at bay. Men, consider getting a haircut a week before taking your photo.
      4. Keep your shoulders down and back, and stick your chin out an inch or so farther than you usually hold it. No one wants a double chin.
      5. Teeth are not allowed in passport photos. Practice your smile in a mirror before taking your picture, as you don’t want it to look like a mug shot. Just think of something happy as you smirk. 🙂

There are several options when it comes to taking a passport photo. You can opt to take it at home, but there are several rules to follow to ensure the State Department accepts it with your passport application. I chose to go to a local business to have it taken like FedEx, UPS, or a drug store. It was easy to do and ended up costing about $15.