2018 Reader Survey Results

A big thank you to all who participated in my reader survey a few weeks ago. I loved hearing from you all and appreciated your feedback to help me make my little space as great as it can be. My primary reason for doing a survey was to get a pulse on y’all, my audience, and to make sure that my strategy for this year is aligned with my readers.

And now on to the results…

Question 1

It looks like my little corner of the internet has made some new friends lately! I am so happy you are reading!

Question 2

It makes me very happy that half of y’all read this space everytime I publish. I know life is busy, so I really welcome y’all stopping by whenever you can.

Question 3

I was actually surprised by the results of this question. Facebook always seems like a struggle for me, so I’m glad to see it is paying off. Also, Instagram is one of my focuses this year, so it makes me happy that some of y’all are already finding content on that platform.

Question 4

This question was just for my pure curiosity and to make sure I’m investing my time in the proper channels. My goal with this space is to connect with you and build a community, so I want to make sure I’m reaching you where you are spending time.

Question 5

I had a guess that my Southern Travel posts would be at the top of the list, but I’m very surprised by how high Personal Stories ranked. I have been staying away from those, so I’ll work to add those back into the mix since y’all like them.

Question 6

Any post topics you would like to see more of on Southern Exhilaration?
This was an open-ended question. Some of the responses I received were interesting day trips, southern travel posts, and US travel posts. This is exciting since I’m already planning to do more day trips and southern posts this year. So stay tuned because more travel is coming your way in 2018! Additionally, I asked on Instagram Stories about the interest in a home tour posts, and I received a 100% positive response. So, as I finalize rooms I’ll be sharing my decorating tips and tricks!

Question 7

Anything you would like to see less of on Southern Exhilaration?
I was nervous about asking this question, but all of you said you like what I’ve been doing! So thanks! 🙂