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International Travel Packing List

Heading on an international trip and not sure what to pack? Your packing list will vary based on your destination, but there is an essential list of items you need to take for every international trip.

I have traveled to 17 countries and based on my own travel experiences and the research I’ve done in the past, I have created my checklist for international travel. These essential things to pack for traveling come with me on every single trip I take and hopefully will help you feel more comfortable packing for a trip abroad.

Passport and Travel Documents

Make sure you have your passport, drivers licences, and all travel documents, including:

  • Your boarding pass
  • Confirmation of where you’ll be staying (customs forms often ask for the address)
  • Visa, if needed (check which countries require a Visa for Americans here)
  • Insurance (both regular health and travel insurance)
  • Itinerary

I also recommend that you make two copies of all your travel documents. One to leave back home with someone you trust and one to keep with you but in separate area of your suitcase or travel bags. The reason for the copies is in case something happens to your actual items then you can easily get a temporary version while out of the country.

Cash and Credit Cards

You’ll need money while traveling, so pack your credit or debit cards for withdrawing foreign cash from ATMs.

Skip transferring money at the airport and do it at a bank in your destination; you’ll get more value for your money as airports often charge high commission rates. I also recommend switching some before you leave home to have cash on hand upon arrival.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Remember that many countries have differently shaped electrical outlets on the wall. Pick up an adaptor before your trip so you can charge your devices abroad. This is my favorite travel adaptor and I have been using it for ten years for my international travels. I also travel with a voltage converter (similar) to ensure that my hair appliances work and don’t get fried. Lastly, to help maximize the outlets in a room with my adaptor, I also travel with a power strip/surge protector to charge cameras, phone, and other devices at once.

Phone and Portable Charger

Obviously you’ll want to bring your phone whenever traveling internationally! Make sure you check with your carrier to see what is needed when traveling internationally. I also bring an extra battery pack too, you’d hate to end up with a dead phone in a foreign place. I personally recommend this one and don’t forget to grab a small charging cable so you can charge on the go!

Medications and Basic First Aid

If you are on any medications, talk to your doctor before you go traveling and ensure you have enough to last you throughout your trip. Also, make sure that you pack these items in your carry on bag so in case your luggage is lost you have these on you!

I also pack a First Aid kit with some essentials. It is not always easy to find your go-to items in pharmacies oversees. I pack all of these essentials in this cute first aid bag.


Updated: July 2022