10 Tips for Mastering the Road Trip

10 Tips for Mastering the Road Trip

There’s no question about it – road trips are awesome. There is no denying that the lure of the road is undeniable. Road trips also provide some flexibility. You get to choose where to go, when to go, and your budget. To get the most of your experience, don’t miss these road trip tips.

Check Your Vehicle

Before you leave for your trip, take your car to the mechanic to have everything checked out. The worst thing is getting on the road and then encountering car troubles. Also, make sure you have a fully inflated spare tire and jumper cables in your car.

Have a Loose Plan

Most road trippers have a time limit, thanks to limited vacation days, so it’s smart to figure out how far you will drive each day before you set off. When solo driving, my max is six hours a day but when I have a road buddy, my max is eight to ten hours.

Carry Cash for Tolls

Toll roads always pop up when you are least expecting it and are generally more expensive than you anticipate. Grab a cute change purse to keep your quarters and dollars, so you are prepared for those pesky polls.

Entertainment Options

Music and the open road go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. Before you leave, download some music to your phone, and don’t forget to check out new radio stations as you drive through new towns. Additionally, pack some games to keep your passengers entertained on the ride. Think books, puzzles, and other time-killing activities. Also, create your own road trip games like “find the license plate”. Here are a few more. Just have fun with it!

Pack Light

It is guaranteed you will find collectibles along the way, so make sure you have room in your car to store those keepsakes. It would be such a bummer if your trunk was too full of suitcases to stow your finds.

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Fuel Up & Stay Hydrated

This time I’m talking about you instead of your car. Pack up a bag of vitamin-packed, healthy foods will allow you to snack without having to stop at all the fast-food joints. Additionally, pack a cooler of water to keep you hydrated on the long drives.

Follow the Blue Highways

Blue Highways are the back roads of America and generally are called as such because they are blue on atlases. If you are going to hit the road, you definitely need to spend some time on the back roads, especially if you don’t have a specific destination and a strict schedule. Additionally,  if you see a sign for a weird tourist attraction? Take that detour! Now’s your chance. Spontaneity is the primary rule of road trips.

Lastly, some of those back roads have limited speed limits and can make your trip longer. So, make sure you have a way to get back on the interstate.

Eat Local and Stay Local

This is my tip for all sorts of travel, but road trips give you more opportunities to try the local foods. You never know when you might get to try a dish again. Additionally, staying at a local B&B or mom-and-pop place will help add to the flavor of your trip and will make for great memories later down the road.

Cruise Control is Your Friend

It’s too easy to step too hard on the gas when you’re looking out the window at beautiful things.  This is where cruise control becomes your friend! You really don’t want that ticket for speeding in an unknown area. Cruise control also helps with your fuel economy which helps with that bottom line.

Take Pictures

And I don’t mean the Instagram type. Take fun and goofy pictures that will bring back the fun memories!

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