Clumpies Ice Cream Co. | Chattanooga, TN
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Southern Eats: Clumpies Ice Cream Company

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There is nothing quite like ice cream on a hot day. If you are in Chattanooga, then you need to try Clumpies Ice Cream Co., a Chattanooga special. Clumpies Ice Cream Co. opened its doors in 1999 in the heart of Chattanooga’s Northshore neighborhood. Since then, Clumpies Ice Cream Co. has opened three more locations in St. Elmo, Southside and Lookout Mountain.

Clumpies Ice Cream Co. in St. Elmo

The cool thing about Clumpies Ice Cream Co. is it is a micro-creamery that produces all of its ice cream by hand in small batches, en gallons or less at a time. Each gallon uses the finest ingredients to create rich, creamy, delicious ice cream.

Clumpies Ice Cream Co. in St. Elmo

I tried the Pistachio ice cream at the St. Elmo’s location and I would give it a two thumbs up!

Clumpies Ice Cream Co. in St. Elmo

So, the next time you are in Chattanooga and looking for a sweet treat, swing into Clumpies Ice Cream Co. to get a cup or cone.