8 Things to Do When You Get Home from a Trip

8 Things to Do When You Get Home from a Trip

8 Things to Do When You Get Home from a Trip

Coming back from a magical vacation is zero fun. The second you walk in your front door you want to dump your luggage and not move for a few hours. I don’t blame you, and you absolutely deserve it. However, before you completely veg out, be sure you complete these things. These tips might make post-vacation life easier.

Put away your luggage.

You are probably like me, you don’t unpack the second you walk in the door, and your suitcase sits in the corner for weeks after you get back home. Spend a few minutes putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, putting away your toiletries, and storing your suitcase away. I know you’ll be exhausted after your trip, but you’ll find energy and enjoyment if your home is not overflowing with the mess of unpacked suitcases.

Take care of yourself.

Travel can be very hard on the body. Between crossing time zones, fitful sleeping on planes, over-indulging in food and beverage, and stressing out about travel troubles, it’s no surprise some individuals get sick after a trip. To make sure you stay in the best of health, be sure to hydrate after your long, dry-air flight and up your Vitamin C intake. Additionally, listen to your body when it comes to sleep.

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Let someone know you have arrived.

As soon as you get home, be sure to call or text your family and friends to let them know you’ve arrived home safely.

Check your financial statements.

Identity theft is a growing problem worldwide, and travelers are especially vulnerable. A few days after you get home, check your credit card and bank statements to make sure nothing looks out of order. You are looking for things like double charges, missing refund credits, or spending you didn’t authorize. If you see a problem, be sure you get in touch with your bank or credit card company to fix it immediately.

Deal with your email.

Vacation is a great way to unplug from the “real” world, so if you were not staying on top of your email during your time away, you are likely arriving home to an overflowing inbox. Zip through your emails, organizing all the emails you received. Respond to anything urgent, delete any newsletters or alerts you’ll never read, and turn off your auto-messages.

Filter images.

Don’t wait too long to go through all your images. Sort and caption all your pictures while your memories are still fresh. Plus, this is a great way to relive your trip while dealing with the back-to-work depression.

Take action.

Have you ever returned home from a trip feeling inspired about a specific cause? When you return home, take action with those causes that you wanted to help with from afar. Make a donation, seek out a volunteer program, or find some other way to turn your inspiration into action.

Start planning your next trip.

It is scientifically proven that travel makes you a happier person. To help fend off the post-vacation blues, start planning your next adventure!