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What to Pack for Ireland in Summer

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Planning a trip to Ireland? The number one thing you need to know is how unpredictable the weather can be on the Emerald Isle. So, to help make the packing process a little easier plan for rain, bring layers, and remove as needed.

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Overall the weather in Ireland is mild and in the summer the average temperature is around 66°F (20 °C).

When preparing for this trip, I relied heavily on lightweight sweaters and flannel shirts for my tops and jeans for my bottoms, and then I layered with vests and pullovers. For city wandering, I brought a pair of Sperry Boat Shoes, and for wetter days/more adventurous days I wore a pair of Sperry Duck Shoes. I also lived in my raincoat paired with different beanies, scarves, and gloves as needed. And yes, I do recommend packing one pair of gloves! We had one day of freezing wind while walking around and I was so glad to have them in my bag.

Below is my recommended packing list for the Emerald Isle.

Below are some of the outfits I packed with me. For the most part, I was extremely happy with the outfits I planned and would not change what I brought with me to Ireland.

sweater (similar & similar) // jeans // socks (similar) // shoes // earrings (similar) // watch

pullover (similar & similar) // rain jacket // socks (similar) // duck boots // beanie (similar) // earrings (similar)

shirt // vest // jeans // socks (similar) // duck boots // rain jacket // earrings (similar) // bag // camera strap

pullover (similar & similar) // jeans // socks (similar) // duck boots // earrings (similar) // sunglasses

rain jacket // socks (similar) // duck boots // bag // beanie // earrings (similar) // sunglasses

flannel shirt // tank top // jeans // socks (similar) // duck boots // watch