Front Porch Visits v.1.19

Front Porch Visits v1.2019

In the South, we’ve truly mastered the art of porching. We believe if the kitchen is the heart of our house, the porch is its soul. Sitting on the porch is an invitation for conversation. So, I invite you to join me on my virtual front porch to stop, sit a spell and take a load off.

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Front Porch Visits v.1.19

If we were porching today…

We would talk about one of my favorite subjects, books. I would ask you what you have read recently read this month. I would ask for recommendations and share what I knocked out. The first was City on Fire, which was about the end of Pompeii. The second book was The Beekeeper’s Promise, which was one my favorite. I highly recommend this book if you love the subject of WWII.

I would share with you about my love life and experiences with online dating. One of my friends recently said that my stories from my date experiences are some of the best.

Decorating would be another subject matter. I am almost finished with my dining room set up, and I grabbed these awesome vases on for my china hutch. They are the perfect compliment to my boxwood wreaths.

I’d ask you how ready you are for Spring. I’m starting to bust out a few decorations to help make the transitional months easier. This month has been relatively mild minus our one non-event of a snow day.

I’d share with you some of my favorite finds including:

  • This mascara is amazing! I have received so many compliments on my eyelashes since I started using it.
  • These joggers have become my new favorite lounge pants. Seriously they are the first thing I put on when I get home.
  • “Might Not Like Me” has been on repeat all month.

What would you tell me if you stopped to chat today?