Travel Photography: The Art of Storytelling
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Travel Photography: The Art of Storytelling

Travel Photography: The Art of Storytelling

There’s an art to making your travel photography stand out, and a large part of that has to do with the story. Storytelling is as old as humankind and is integral to human culture. Thus, storytelling is one of the most critical factors in photography.

So, here are my tips for telling a story through your photography.

Go Wander

Planning formal shoots while traveling isn’t easy, or even necessary to tell a great story. All you need is to be there in the moment and let events unfold around you. Wander around and, most importantly, look around.  Slow down, walk the quiet streets, meet the people – these moments are no less precious than the iconic destinations. (Not saying the iconic destinations can’t tell a story.)


You don’t have to be the best photographer to be able to tell a story, so practice and test out different methods. Experiment with different backgrounds, different effects or different camera angles. Don’t try to make the perfect shot, but focus more on the emotional impact of the image.

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Strive for Variety in a Series of Shots

Focusing on one kind of photo won’t tell a whole story, so mix it up with a variety of portraits, wide-angle shots, shots from up high, down low, action shots, and zoomed-in details. A combination of shots will help you tell the whole story.

Take Control of the Entire Frame

Part of realizing the role of storyteller is taking control of the whole frame. Don’t focus just on the subject in your frame, but pay attention to the whole rectangle in front of your eye.

Be Original

Break all the rules and be original. Find creativity in the art of photography, and have fun and enjoy the process. Lastly, shoot your pictures from the heart.