Front Porch Visits v2.2019

In the South, we’ve truly mastered the art of porching. We believe if the kitchen is the heart of our house, the porch is its soul. Sitting on the porch is an invitation for conversation. So, I invite you to join me on my virtual front porch to stop, sit a spell and take a load off.

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If we were porching today…

We’d be talking about the weather and how incredibly wet this month has been. But how incredible the city of Atlanta looks with all of the trees in bloom. You cannot go wrong with daffodils in February.

We’d talk about work, and how much I am loving it right now. Travel season starts up next month, and it is one of my favorite aspects of this job. However, it does cause some complications when it comes to dating. How’s work going with you?

We’d talk love, and how distressing I have found online dating this month. It has been a challenge for this introvert, but I am making it through and with some new tips to boot. Are you an introvert? Did/Do you struggle with the dating world?

We’d talk TV, and how I am rewatching Game of Thrones in anticipation of the final season. Are you an Outlander fan? What did you think of the changes they made during this season compared to the book? I want to say I liked them, but I’m still struggling if I like it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been basically non-existent this month. I’ve been in a social media slump. So, I’d ask what do you do when this occurs? Is there something you want to see more of on my page? Help!

What would you tell me if you stopped to chat today?