Outside the South

Plymouth Rock

If there is one thing you remember from your American History classes, it is Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower. Plymouth Rock is traditionally recognized as the disembarkation site of Pilgrims in the New World in December 1620.

But did you know the Pilgrims did not reference Plymouth Rock in any of their writings? The first mention of the “great rock” dates back to 1715.

One of my trips up to New England, I could not pass up the opportunity to see this prominent spot in American tradition when I was only 3 miles down the road from it. So, a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts, and a quick stop checked this rock off my bucket list.

The rock is located along the shore of Plymouth Harbor. Now you’ll notice a split in the rock, and that is because, in 1774, the stone was split to have part of it moved to the Plymouth Town Hall. The rock was later rejoined in 1880 at its original location, where part of the rock had been left behind.