Front Porch Visits v1.2020

In the South, we’ve truly mastered the art of porching. We believe if the kitchen is the heart of our house, the porch is its soul. Sitting on the porch is an invitation for conversation. So, I invite you to join me on my virtual front porch to stop, sit a spell and take a load off.

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This has been one of the most dramatic quarters EVER. (Bachelor fans?) January and February started wonderfully with some great trips with work, and then everything changed in March with the country shutting down due to COVID-19. It’ll be interesting to see what living during a world pandemic will look like in the coming months.

Travel: This quarter has been a busy one! I traveled to parts of Georgia I have never been to before, and I witnessed Alabama Men’s Basketball beat the undefeated Auburn Tigers in Tuscaloosa. I had two trips up to New England. In New England, I was able to spend some time exploring Maine and Vermont.

Reading: I set for myself the goal to read 52 books this year, and so far, I have knocked three books off that list. I highly recommend checking out The Paris Bookshop. This book made me laugh, cry, and all the emotions in between. I, honestly, did not want it to end.

Watching: So far, my TV watchlist has included the latest season of Outlander and re-watching The Office before it leaves Netflix at the end of the year.

Wearing: At the end of last year, I purchased this fantastic Michael Kors coat (similar), and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect weight for both Georgia winters and my quick jaunts up to New England.

Eating/Drinking: Fast Food is my diet 90% of the time when I’m on the road, but now that I am home for the foreseeable future I am looking forward to trying new recipes.


What would you tell me if you stopped to chat today?