10 Must Have Beach Accessories


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There is nothing (to me) that restores the soul like sand between my toes and vitamin sea. And after six months of quarantine, a two-week trip to the beach is just what I need! Over the years of “beach summers,” I have compiled a list of some of my favorite beach accessories. These are the items that are always in my car as I head to the coast.

Beach Chair

I am a sun goddess when I’m at the beach, so having a comfortable chair is a must for me. I prefer a chair that is easy to get in and out of and also is adjustable to make beach naps enjoyable. This one is a classic plus comes with a drink holder!

Beach Towel and Sand Resistant Beach Mat

As much as I love the sand, I am not always a fan of having it all over me or my snacks. This sand resistant beach mat is a favorite of mine because it is large enough to sit more than one adult and it packs down small enough to fit in my beach bag. Top it off with these colorful beach towels and you are set to soak up the sun!


When you’ve gotten too much sun but you are not ready to go in, a beach umbrella or a pop-up canopy is the perfect place to take shelter. I prefer the umbrella when I’m getting sand time alone and the canopy is perfect when everyone is together! I also recommend adding an umbrella stand to keep your umbrella in place and some weights to weigh down the canopy in the ocean breeze.

Collapsible Cooler

I have a love/hate relationship with coolers! The biggest thing I don’t like about them is how much space they take up when they are not being used. So, when I came across this collapsible cooler it immediately went into my shopping cart and I have not looked back. This cooler has a lot of space to hold everything I need for a day at the beach but fits perfectly in my pantry when I get home. Don’t forget to add these reusable ice packs to your cart!

Cup Holder

A cute cup holder helps to keep your drink, sunglasses, or phone sand-free! We own this set, but this set is another good option as well.

Beach Bag

A cooler is great for snacks to the water’s edge, but a solid beach bag is essential for all your other accessories! Personally, there is nothing like a large canvas bag to stay organized with waterproof pouches to keep my electronics dry.

Beach Hat and Cover-Up

A beach trip is not complete without an adorable floppy hat and beach cover-up!

Beach Wagon

Now that you have all these new beach accessories, you need a way to get to the beach! This wagon will help you cart everything up and down to the beach with ease.