Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Ornaments for Anyone with Wanderlust

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One of my favorite parts of Christmas is unpacking all of my travel ornaments and reliving the memories of my trips! These are either ornaments I have picked up during my travels or they fit the theme of my year. It also makes for fun story-telling during parties when guests examine my collect.

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And just because we are not traveling this holiday season (thanks COVID!), it does not mean you can’t have a travel-themed Christmas or get something special for the individual in your life who is severely missing being on the road or in the air this year.

You can find travel-themed ornaments just about every where – Joann, Michaels, Target and more – but these are some of my favorite travel ornaments that are either on my tree or my wishlist.

World Globes

If there is one thing that travelers love is maps! And not miss this beautiful globe ornament from Amazon!


You cannot travel without a suitcase! I love this collection below, but don’t miss this luggage ornament from Altar’d State!


Did you really travel internationally if you did not capture a picture of your passport? There is nothing like collecting those stamps. So, in my opinion, your Christmas tree is not complete without a passport.


Remember your travel destinations with a memento to decorate your Christmas tree. These are just a few ideas to get your travel tree started!


Planes, trains and automobiles are constant companions for travelers!