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Sweet Home Tuscaloosa

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    Sweet Home Tuscaloosa: TAMU 2016

    Fall equals football in the south. The temperatures may vary from the high 80s to the low 50s, the leaves may change in time for Halloween, but the one thing you can…

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    Sweet Home Tuscaloosa: ULM 2015

    This past weekend, I was able to do a quick trip over to Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa. A place that will get in your blood and stay forever. ❤️?? #BamaGameday #BuiltByBama #RollTide A photo posted…

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    Sweet Home Tuscaloosa: TAMU 2014

    This past weekend was fantastic and a blast from the past! Friday afternoon I drove over to Tuscaloosa to meet up with some of my MBA ladies for the Alabama/Texas A&M game.…