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    13 Things to Do Before You Travel

    Congratulations! You have booked your airfare, hotels, excursions, etc., and you are ready for your vacation. But before you go, be sure check out this list of 13 things you should do…

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    Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Travel Gift Ideas Under $25

    Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links that help support Southern Exhilaration. There’s a reason $25 is such a popular dollar amount for gift exchanges and gift cards. It’s just the right amount…

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    Why Travel Matters

    It is no secret that I believe the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of travel. The act of getting outside your home or local sphere to experience new…

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    How to Manage Travel Anxiety

    Most people in the world dream of travel, but travel anxiety is also very common. If you suffer from travel anxiety, I have a secret for you…I do too. There are trips where I’ll…